6 Things You Need to Make Your First 1M Online

your first 1M

This article is by Matt Lloyd, Owner of MOBE My Own Business Education

Step 1: Build & Nurture Your List

The first major thing you should do is build your own list of email subscribers…

Most people I know who’ve made at least six figures or over a million dollars online all have their own list—and they’re all branded as the guru.

If you want to do 7 figures, you really need to have the right positioning.

That means you need to build your own brand, and you need to build your own influence. You need to build an enormous audience, but more importantly, an enormous responsive audience

When you send out an email promoting a webinar, you’ll need to get a lot of people there and influence a lot of people. And that’s usually something you have to build up time.

For me, it took three or four years to build 100,000 subscribers on my first list. And that’s because in the first few years I was starting out from scratch and I knew nothing. Just accept the fact that it takes time to learn new skills, and the first skill you need is building your list of subscribers.

Step 2: Get Good At Influencing Other People

The second thing you need to do is learn how to influence other people—you need to learn how to influence the masses…

For example, if you’re doing a webinar, or even if you’re writing emails, you need to know how to persuade someone and help them see that taking action on buying your course / service will help them.

Warning: It’s Not Easy

You just can’t learn these skills overnight. And you can’t learn it in your first few weeks or even your first few months. It can literally take years to get really good and start making money.

I would bet if you gathered together a group of 10,000 affiliates picked randomly from our industry, you could count on one hand the number who’ve made over $10 million dollars in commissions with all their affiliate programs combined.

Nevertheless, a lot of people come into this industry because that’s exactly what they want… They want millions of dollars overnight—and of course I don’t blame them!

But getting into the “7-figure club” is difficult, making your first 1M online is very tough, and I never want to make it seem like it’s easy or you could do it overnight because it’s just not that easy.

Step 3: Stay Consistent and Persistent

Being consistent and persistent means you can’t just send a few emails this week and then forget to email for two weeks…

You need to be involved in your business every single day.

For example, one of the top affiliates I know is a guy who just crossed $2 million in commissions. And he is “religious” about sending his emails every single day. He doesn’t go to sleep without sending an email.

Even when he’s traveling all around the world and he’s on planes all day long—he will be the last person to board the plane because he’s quickly typing his email. He understands this powerful concept, and he’s got to send an email every single day.

You must nurture your list and really build a strong relationship with them over time. You have to be someone who people want to follow, and that takes time to build. It took me years to build up my list to the extent I have it today. It takes years to build up a really good reputation where people do want to follow you.

For example, let’s say I wanted to start a new affiliate program from scratch…

I’m pretty confident I could make millions of dollars in any other program within a matter of months, because I’ve built a list of people who would follow me.

I obviously have people who wouldn’t, but within this industry I have built up a reasonably good reputation. Everyone does not like me of course, but a lot of people do like me.

You can do the same thing. You can build up a strong following of subscribers to get to your first 1M, but again, it’s going to take you time and you’ve got to be consistent and persistent. This means constantly communicating with your audience.

Step 4: Host Live Events

If you want to get to that level where you are doing over $1 million dollars a year, it would help you enormously if you could add live events into what you do.

When you host a live event, it’s so much more than just attending a Webinar, because you’re actually coming to a certain place, in person, where you’re able to stand up there on a stage and influence people right there on stage.

Learning how to do live events—if you do it right—can create a rush of buyers better than any other selling environment.

Promoting events is all about getting people to actually show up, and then it’s all about learning how to sell from the stage. You need to be passionate about what you’re offering so the audience relates to  you and gets excited. But then you need to learn how to sell. That’s an entirely different skill to learn.

Step 5: Get Good At Video Marketing 

You need to be doing video marketing. I don’t think anyone’s going to get to $1 million dollars without posting videos of themselves online to connect and influence their audience.

Because in order to motivate people, persuade people, and influence people, there needs to be this almost face-to-face communication… and there’s no better way to do that than with a video.

In a video, you can’t see them, but they can definitely see you, and it plays a huge part making the sale. Again, I believe there’s absolute no way to get to $1 million without having some videos out there.

Step 6: Find a Mentor to help Get to Your First 1M

Here’s the final thing I want to talk to you about today…

Every single person who makes it to their first 1M and more than eight figures—not just online but business in general—they all start out just like you.

I’m assuming most people reading this are new or they’re still struggling to grow their business or wanting to grow their business into six figures or seven figures.

Everyone starts out without knowing anything about online marketing. But all these skills can be learned. It just takes time, and it takes persistence.

You should take inspiration from knowing that everyone else who’s done it  started right where you are.

It’s possible for you too…

Therefore, if one human being can accomplish something, clearly there’s a series of steps they took in order to accomplish that goal—and it’s humanly possible that you can do it too.

As long as you can find out what those steps are, through either asking them, or learning from they’re past mistakes, or learning from different mentors and all of their past mistakes, then you can replicate their steps.

And you can replicate their success.

The success I’ve had in this industry—I would love to say it’s all been because of me because I thought of all of these things—But the truth is no, it hasn’t…

I found success because I found mentors, I found people I could learn from, I modelled this idea, I modelled that idea, I learned from this mistake, that mistake. Then I pieced it all together and formed something of my own that was drawn from many, many different sources through my experience.

You can do the exact same thing to build your own business, and eventually if you work hard enough, you could get to eight figures.

So let’s sum it up. If you want to join the 8-figure club…

  • 1. Build & nurture your list
  • 2. Get good at influencing other people
  • 3. You should to be marketing constantly, consistently and persistently.
  • 4. Host webinars and live events
  • 5. Get good at video marketing
  • 6. Find a mentor to cut your learning curve

I hope this helps you on your journey to getting into the “8-figure club.”

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Thanks Matt Lloyd for these 6 things you need to make 1M online.




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