A Lifestyle Solution for Baby Boomers.

Baby Boomers in Paradise

We’re sitting here at the Tokatoka Resort by the side of the pool enjoying the fun our two grandkids, Tulia and Inoke, are having in the water and on the water slide.

By we, I mean husband Frank, daughter Mariana and I – we feel a million dollars here, listening to the background music and enjoying the fantastic weather here in Nadi.

Baby Boomers

Sue Tamani

I have been following the reports and photos from a week long Entrepreneur Mastermind where all the top online earners are sharing some fun and lots of great business ideas no doubt.

I know I’m ready to step up to their level and am constantly thinking, studying and ready to follow in their footsteps – to the freedom of a 6 figure income and the ability to REALLY make a difference in the lives of my family.

Baby Boomers

Tokatoka Resort water slide

I envision reaching my first target in six months from now, despite the problems I am having with the local wireless broadband.

That is one reason why we are here at Tokatoka today – it’s closer to the tower LOL

Don’t Mess With Baby Boomers!

I just received an email from another online entrepreneur, not yet a baby boomer , Cristina Munoz where she talks about telling our own story, something she was encouraged to do by her mentor.

It’s such great advice and I agree the only way for people to get connected with you and feel they can trust you.

Cristina’s story of her physical struggles with severe spinal damage is truly enspiring. It makes me ashamed when I complain about my internet connection being slow, or some other comparatively tiny problem!

Well, I was thinking the other day, I needed a hook to hang my Entrepreneur shingle on.

What do you think of the idea of me addressing all those Baby Boomers out there?

Many are probably in the same boat as me, dependent on their government for a measly fortnightly income. Despite working all their lives, paying superannuation and losing most of it in 2008 during the worldwide recession.

I lost $35,000 of my Super in just a few months.

I also made a few wrong financial decisions in 2003/4 when we sold 2 units on the Gold Coast. We did this to come and live in Fiji to spend more time with Frank’s elderly parents (something we never regret).

Life in Suva and Nadi, Fiji

We bought a house in Suva and when we returned to Australia in October 2004, the previous owner, a lawyer no less!, kicked all our tenants out and moved back in.

Three years later, we won a High Court decision in Suva giving us vacant title again.

But by then, all the losses and costs had eaten up all our money again.

Now, all these financial adventures have not stopped us from enjoying life.

Baby Boomers

Frank and Mariana reading local papers

We are currently living  in Fiji on my pension of $662 AUD a fortnight which is worth double here because of the exchange rate.

We share our year between Australia and Fiji – which we find is really a wonderful lifestyle.

You know the expression, absence makes the heart grow fonder – well we are never around long enough to irritate anyone hahaha.

Big Families of Baby Boomers

But aside from that, we have heaps of family in both countries – I have 5 sisters and 2 brothers, Frank has 7 brothers and 1 sister, plus we have 5 grandchildren in Australia and 3 in Fiji.

Our family here in Fiji all have a great struggle financially. You could say they are poverty stricken.

There are no unemployment benefits or decent pensions to speak of  as it is a tiny island country. I can’t wait to develop a large online income so I can improve my family’s living conditions here!

Well, enough of me and my family.

Please leave a comment below. Connect with me on Facebook (just search my name – I’m the only Sue Tamani).

Or email at me suetamani@gmail.com and share your story with me – Baby Boomers especially welcome!

Til next time

Sue Tamani

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