Career Change Out Of Teaching : Changing Career from Teaching

Are You a Teacher Looking for a Career Change Out of Teaching?

As a former teacher myself, I know where you are coming from.

Teaching is a fantastic career with great job satisfaction and great salary.

But – the job sometimes comes with lots of stress and problems with students.

Video – Career Change Out Of Teaching

How to decide what to do when changing career from teaching.

As a very well educated person, having attained at least one university degree as a pre qualification for teaching,

you can easily change career by undertaking more training such as a Diploma in whatever field you choose.

You will be given credit for prior training and experience.

One of my relatives is currently doing a Diploma in Counselling so she can be a school counselor.

You could change your teaching career by specialising in certain teaching areas.

Teaching young children how to read and write is a totally different experience to teaching adults English.

Even teaching migrants English is different to teaching International Students English.

Both the students and teaching materials are entirely different.

I have taught in all those areas and enjoyed them all because of the variety and challenges I experienced in each area.

OK, but I Want  a Career Change OUT of Teaching

Yes, and that’s exactly how I felt about 5 years ago.

I was teaching International Students English at Gold Coast TAFE at the time.

My brother emailed me a video about a network marketing company ACN.

I fell in love with the concept of multi level marketing and joined immediately, despite it costing $500 at that time.

After 9 months and recruiting 230 people into my team, I realised any decent residual income would take a while to be achieved.

Plus I did not like the way we were trained to recruit, the warm marketing method.

Because of my inexperience in marketing, I alienated many people who would probably join with me to day as I market in a totally different way today.

This blog post you are reading is one of the ways I market, providing useful information on many different topics, especially internet marketing.

So What is My Best Recommendation?

My very best recommendation for any teacher wanting a complete career change is to find and join a reputable online business that will train you properly in up-to-date methods of marketing online.

There are literally hundreds of mlm companies world wide, with new ones starting every day.

Wikipedia lists 56 of the top companies onsite but I would recommend the list published by MLM Rankings.

The image below is taken from page 1 of MLM Rankings website.

MLM Top Performers with border


I think the main thing these figures demonstrate is that these companies are growing dramatically and more than likely have a top product that is very attractive and easy to market.

Do you know what the top performer DubLi is selling?

Surprisingly it is CASH, in other word, cash back on products and services bought online.

No doubt you have heard of or are a member of one or more cash back schemes.

Many business and government organisations offer cash back schemes.

DubLi offers cash back for every purchase you make online at one of their participating businesses.

So you don’t need to change your shopping habits.

Click on this picture to join DubLi cash back free and see some of the massive businesses involved.

DubLi US Mall

OK, But I’m Not Really Ready for My Career Change out of Teaching

You can start any online business BEFORE you stop teaching.

Many people do it this way, mainly because they need to replace their teaching income before making the career change.

A few months ago, a group of multi millionaire marketers from the USA saw DubLi for the first time, despite it being online in Europe for over 11 years.

They were blown away by the attractiveness of the actual product – Cash – and that fact that there would be very little attrition as people love getting a bargain, especially if they don’t have to change their shopping habits.

So they have set up a marketing training business so anyone joining our team can get immediate access to the best most-up-to-date training provided by these same multi millionaires.

Anyone can join this marketing business free. The team are doing this so people can see the effectiveness of what is being provided.

As a free member, you get access to about one third of the training. Click on the picture to go there.

home business labs




rise and shine


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