Changing Careers from Teaching : 2nd Careers for Teachers

Are You a Teacher Wanting to Change Your Career from Teaching?

I was once in your shoes. And undertaking such a change can be fraught with danger.

My first big change from teaching was when I mortgaged my house to start a traditional business supplying and installing electronic alarms in commercial and domestic premises and cars. I also installed some of the very first carphones back in the day when the main unit was a large black box in the trunk and we charged $3,500 per unit!

Well that business lasted 9 years, then I went back to teaching, my first career.

Many years later, I felt I needed to change again having taught all ages from 4 to 84 from Kindergarten to University.

The Power of Video

I joined my first MLM business ACN in 2009 after my brother sent me a sales video. It cost $500 to join back then.

I didn’t realise it back then, but that video was an extremely powerful marketing tool.

My brother didn’t tell me anything at all about the business because he didn’t need to – the video did it all.

I joined without even ringing him – I just rang him to tell him I was in!

Today. after many failed businesses and a few scams where I lost thousands, I feel very confident to advise anyone on good businesses to join online.

Especially anyone changing careers from teaching or just looking for a 2nd career.

I was still teaching when I first went online, doing internet marketing part time in the evenings and on weekends.

Now I am fulltime online.

My businesses Home Business Labs and Dubli provide me with everything anyone needs to succeed online.

Home Business Labs (HBL) has been set up in the past 6 months by 5 multi millionaires who have made their money by marketing online.

One of them, Randy Schrum, is in the top 1% of marketers on LinkedIn as acknowledged by LinkedIn.

He also has recognition from Facebook as being in the top 1% of marketers there too!

Anyone who joins HBL gets access to about a third of the training free. And for a small fee, you can access all the training.

Guess what? The training is all video based. So it’s a watch and do system – so easy, especially for us teachers!

Another one of the owners of HBL is Kristian Heinecke who made all his money (over 6 figures) last year from 600 videos he made over 9 months. That was his only source of marketing.

He trains on video marketing along with Bobby Baker in 9 videos.

Randy Schrum has set up My Inspired Media (MIM) for us all to post videos, both ours and others.

So, let me tell you what I am doing every day at present.

1. Making as many YouTube videos as I possibly can fit in (5 yesterday)

2. Sharing them on MIM.

3. Writing blog posts about it here, and on my other blogs.

Here’s what I did yesterday. You can tell from my keywords (titles) who I am targetting in search.

Video – Changing Careers from Teaching

changing careers from teaching

 Video – 2nd Careers for Teachers

2nd careers for teachers

 Video – Leaving Teaching Career Change

leaving teaching career change

 Video – Teachers Changing Careers

teachers changing careers

 Video – Career Change from Teaching to Business

career change from teaching to


rise and shine

PS If you’d like to join Home Business Labs free, go HERE.

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