Chewbacca Mom’s Facebook Viral Video Shatters Previous Record!

Exactly what do you obtain when you cross a mom, a talking Chewbacca mask, as well as Facebook Live? If you guessed a real-time program of a high-stakes bank robbery, we’re sorry, you’re incorrect.

The response, actually, is a record-breaking video clip seen by over 157 million on Facebook’s livestreaming network.

Previously, Facebook Live has been the go-to medium of businesses experienced at publishing viral videos somewhere else online. That all transformed on 20th May 2016 when a 37-year-old mommy of 2, Candace Payne, decided to share her love for her newest purchase from her neighborhood department store.

During her brief clip, Payne is woozy with enjoyment at the product, which would certainly later be exposed to be a (quite darn cool) Chewbacca mask. She keeps visitors in suspense, claiming that the wait would be worth it. When she dons the speaking wookie mask, she can hardly contain her childlike happiness, breaking out giggling.

Broadcast live a month ago, the Facebook Live video has actually clocked up an amazing 157 million viewings and counting. Payne’s clip has also been shared nearly 337 million times and also received over 2.8 million reactions!

Chewbacca Mom

The previous record holder– BuzzFeed’s blowing up¬†watermelon video, which received 10 million views– has actually been well and genuinely overshadowed. Like Periscope before it, it was only an issue of time before Facebook’s basic customer base of 1.65 billion individuals ended up being the celebrities of its livestreaming platform.

Can we therefore presume that this Chewbacca mommy is now a Facebook Live pioneer? Her fan count has actually increased to over 808,000 and if she continues to make use of the livestreaming function, those very same users will certainly be informed every time she goes real-time. For her part, Payne appears to merely be happy that her new-found followers are enjoying the clip.

In Payne’s words: “It’s the simple delights in life …” And also her customers certainly concur, with lots of discussing exactly how her infectious shenanigans helped brighten their day.

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