Content Samurai | Video Marketing Today

Content Samurai | Video Marketing Today

SEO is getting  harder each day.



“Is there a totally free website traffic generation option?” you ask.


Video advertising and video marketing for small companies is the solution.

But you gotta do it RIGHT.

You need an easy-to-use video clip creator system. Along comes your solution – Content Samurai.

Actually you can utilize it to leverage your video advertising ventures sky-high.

Content Samurai is an online video editing and enhancing software. It helps you quickly and easily create professional-looking videos within minutes.

See it in action in this brief video here. It will blow your mind!


Quick Video Marketing Stats

But wait… there’s more!

    • Video has a high level of shareability. Videos posted on Facebook are usually shared two times more than articles or images.
    • One minute of video is worth 1.8 million words, James McQuivey (Ph.D. & VP Analyst at Forrester Research) calculated. It would take that insane amount of words to convey the same richness of information and emotional connection with a viewer. Using just plain text can’t achieve that from just one minute of video.
    • YouTube gets one billion unique visitors every month. Way more than any other channel, excluding Facebook.
    • That amount of traffic has already turned YouTube into the #2 most used search engine after Google.

Just imagine the possibilities…

This easy-to-use online software will help you create great videos in no time.

It’s a recommended product for your business.

As proof, here are just a few of the many videos I have made recently.








You undoubtedly want to try Content Samurai yourself. Here is my link so you can have a free trial.

Most of all, the other thing I love about Content Samurai is the fantastic support. I have owned Market Samurai , their keyword research tool, for years and still get support for it today.

~Sue Tamani

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