Goals: 7 Steps to 10X Your Life by Chris Record


GOALS : 7 STEPS TO 10X YOUR LIFE & BUSINESS IN 2017! by Chris Record

I just received this fabulous Facebook post via email from Chris Record.

I will be following this plan in the next week – writing down a detailed plan for 2017.

ALL successful people do his – plan and record improvements, whether it is in your personal life or business.

Anyway, I wanted to share this with you – over to Chris.

One of my favorite things about the winter (or summer as here in Australia) holidays is our chance to wrap up the year and prepare for an even better year.

Many of us have our yearly traditions, such as getting together with family, celebrating holidays, gifting presents, and so much more.

Well what if you added a NEW tradition to your life every single year?

A tradition where you sit down and review your previous year in detail, and create a plan for the upcoming year to 10X your business and your life!

There are many popular holidays, such as Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, etc.

Why not add another one and call it 10X Day!

A day where you write out a plan for how you are going to 10X your life in the following year, and then commit to doing whatever it takes to make it happen!

Many of these traditions end up costing you a lot of money, but this new tradition can actually end up making you more money!

So let’s talk about this 10X Day and how to plan for it.

Why 10x?

Because for most of us, it’s so outside of the box of our current thinking, that it requires us to think completely different in order to achieve those goals.

For example, a 10% increase in income might seem more realistic than a 10x increase in income.

But the level of action required for a 10% increase will likely NOT ever lead to doubling or even tripling your income.

Whereas the level of action required to 10X your income most likely WILL result in a 10% or much great increase when applied.

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” ― Norman Vincent Peale

STEP 1: Write a list of the areas you want to 10X over the next year.

I’ll give you a starting point, but you should really think about this and create your own list if you can.

Here are 5 areas that most of us can improve on a year to year basis.

1) Faith (I would replace this with Learning, especially about the sciences)
2) Family
3) Friends
4) Fitness
5) Finances

Or perhaps you want to be much more specific, and write out a list of detailed areas you want to improve in:

10X my Monthly Income
10X my Marriage Life
10X my Parenting Life
10X my Public Speaking
10X my Book Writing
10X my Dancing Skills
10X my E-Commerce Store
10X my Fitness

Whether you want to be general or specific is up to you.

My main point is to organize the areas of your life you want to improve, and then make a decision to 10X them.

STEP 2: Set 10X Goals & Benchmarks for each area on your list.

This part can actually be quite fun if you allow yourself to visualize what a 10X life looks like.

Spend some time and really think about what an amazing result would look like in each of those areas.

For example, let’s say that one of the items on your list to 10X is your fitness.

Maybe there is a fitness competition that you would like to enter in.

Maybe there are specific measurements you would like to achieve to look and feel your best.

Maybe there is a calendar date for an event that you want to lose weight by so that you feel confident and happy.

Whatever the motivation is, it’s time to put together a plan to achieve those results.

Set specific goals for each of these areas, identifying benchmarks that you would like to reach in as much detail as you can.

STEP 3: Turn your Goals into Levels and Focus on Leveling Up!

Now that you have your goals outlined, it’s time to break them down into smaller goals (aka levels) to make them more achievable.

It’s important to realize that it doesn’t have to take the entire year to hit your goal.

It can be accomplished in 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months.

For example, Let’s say you are currently at 20% body fat and you want to get to 10% body fat.

That goal might take consistent action over the entire year in order to achieve.

But maybe if you got really focused and disciplined it could happen in half the time.

The key here is to focus on specific LEVELS rather than general goals so that you can get there faster.

Here are some example levels based on the body fat percentage weight loss goal mentioned above.

Current Level: 20% Body Fat

Level 1: 19% Body Fat
Level 2: 18% Body Fat
Level 3: 17% Body Fat
Level 4: 16% Body Fat
Level 5: 15% Body Fat
Level 6: 14% Body Fat
Level 7: 13% Body Fat
Level 8: 12% Body Fat
Level 9: 11% Body Fat
Level 10: 10% Body Fat

This is a very basic example of levels, but it least it’s a good starting point.

STEP 4: Consult with a Mentor to ensure your levels are set up properly.

In the example of the weight loss goal you might want to consult with a personal trainer and ask what a good timeframe to achieve each level is based on your body type.

Perhaps the trainer suggests beating one level per month as a realistic goal.

Or perhaps the trainer gives feedback that it’s realistic to beat each level every 2 weeks, but that levels 8-10 might take a month each.

Regardless of the goals you set, it’s important to get feedback from someone who has beat those levels themselves to make sure you are on the right track.

If your goal was to start a Shopify store as a brand new beginner, and make $10,000 your first month, that’s probably unrealistic.

A coach or mentor might look at your previous experience and learning aptitude and might help you set levels like this:

Example Shopify Store Levels/Goals

Current Level: 0 Sales

Level 1: Set Up Store
Level 2: 1 Sale
Level 3: 10 Sales
Level 4: 25 Sales
Level 5: 50 Sales
Level 6: 100 Sales
Level 7: 500 Sales
Level 8: 1000 Sales
Level 9: 5000 Sales
Level 10: 10000 Sales

When you get feedback from a mentor who has been there before, they can help guide you down the right track for the best chance at success!

It’s also a great idea to get a specific mentor for each area of your life that you are wanting to 10X.

You don’t have to pay for all of these coaches, maybe they are friends, or family, or maybe they are books or podcasts.

STEP 5: Add more specifics to each level that you set

Now it’s time to get more specific so that you have a clear action plan to truly 10X your life and business in 2017.

Instead of achieving just one metric to beat a level, perhaps there are several items you must complete to beat that level.

Gamify the entire process, make it fun by having a series of tasks to accomplish to beat each level.

For example, let’s look at adding a couple of extra tasks to each weight loss level that you set.

Current Level: 20% Body Fat

Level 1: 19% Body Fat + 1000 Daily Fitbit Steps + 10 Daily Pushups

Level 2: 18% Body Fat + 2500 Daily Fitbit Steps+ 25 Daily Pushups

Level 3: 17% Body Fat + 5000 Daily Fitbit Steps+ 50 Daily Pushups + Basic Meal Plan

Level 4: 16% Body Fat + 7500 Daily Fitbit Steps+ 100 Daily Pushups + Improved Meal Plan

Level 5: 15% Body Fat + 10000 Daily Fitbit Steps+ 200 Daily Pushups + Advanced Meal Plan

Level 6: 14% Body Fat + 1 Weekly Cardio H.I.I.T. Workout + Fitness Meal Plan

Level 7: 13% Body Fat + 2 Weekly Cardio H.I.I.T. Workouts + Fitness Meal Plan

Level 8: 12% Body Fat + 3 Weekly Cardio H.I.I.T. Workouts + Fitness Meal Plan

Level 9: 11% Body Fat + Sustainable Meal Plan + Sustainable Workout Plan (Requires Coach)

Level 10: 10% Body Fat + Sustainable Meal Plan + Sustainable Workout Plan (Requires Coach)

Obviously this is just a general example, but hopefully you get the point.

STEP 6: Publicly Declare your Goals to Hold Yourself Accountable

You don’t have to tell the entire world.

But don’t keep your goals a secret either.

Find some people to publicly share your goals with.

But don’t just share them, DECLARE them!

Declare that you DESERVE to improve these areas of your life.

Find some people that you feel comfortable to share with, and ask if they will listen as you read your goals.

Read each of your general goals at first, and then share with them your specific plan of action.

Be open to feedback as well, but unless they have beat those levels themselves, be cautious about the advice.

For the super brave ones, you might want to do a Facebook Live sharing your goals publicly, just so it’s on record.

Now you HAVE to do it because you said you would!

STEP 7: Get an Accountability Partner(s) for Weekly Check-Ins

This is perhaps the most important step, because time can disappear quickly before we know it.

Find someone else that wants to 10X their life and goals (that is an action taker) and see if they want to do a weekly accountability call with you.

Set an alert reminder in your phone every single week to communicate with them.

Perhaps set up a group thread on Facebook or your favorite social network with them.

Consider even a small group of people, so that the accountability odds are even higher.

Each week, give an honest assessment of how you did.

It’s understandable that we are not perfect, so don’t get caught up in needing to impress them.

DON’T LIE to yourself or to your accountability partners!!!!

These goals aren’t to impress people around you.

It’s much better to be authentic and genuine and REAL.

As long as you don’t give up, and you give it a REAL effort, then your accountability partners are there to cheer you on.

When you beat levels they are there to celebrate with you.

When you don’t beat levels they are there to encourage you and offer help.

The main point here is to put yourself in a position where it’s not easy to just give up with nobody knowing about it.

Yes, it puts you on the spot, but this is something you will need to learn to handle if you want to 10X your life!


These ideas are here to inspire you, not necessarily to be taken word for word.

Feel free to set your own goals, your own levels, your own ____X improvements.

At the end of the day, as long as we are constantly improving and making forward progress, then life becomes more exciting.

Let’s create a new tradition and call it 10X DAY!

Thanks Chris for an inspiring post.

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Happy New Year!




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