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How I Cleared My Skin in 1 Week

Most people experience a time, despite using skincare, when they wish their skin would look better. Whether it’s a sudden breakout or a longer-lasting issue, acne and pimples are the last thing you want to be worrying about for an upcoming event, whether its a school dance or a wedding.
While maintaining clear skin ultimately requires consistent, systematic care and attention, there are fortunately plenty of things you can do to improve your skin in a hurry.

Apply a Skincare Cleanser.

A good cleanser will effectively get rid of bacteria that has made its way into your skin, Although an impending deadline may have you heading to the dermatologist for a high-end cleanser, you may find a supermarket cleanser works just as well.
Squirt a bit of the cleanser onto your hands and rub your face with it for around a minute. Using small, circular movements to spread it will ensure the cleanser is spread evenly. Rinse your face with warm water after the cleanser’s been distributed.
If you don’t have a cleanser at hand, use an anti-bacterial soap as an alternative. Use cleaning wipes to remove all traces of soap and cleanser. Wipe your face and neck thoroughly but gently, paying particular attention to the parts with pimples and acne.

Applying Radien Skincare Creams

Pat your skin dry gently, leaving some moisture there, then apply Radien QXP skincare creams to your face and neck. Delicately dab and gently pat the Day Cream (or Men’s Cream) onto your face, working outwards towards hairline and to the neck, working from the middle of the face outward.
You may also apply the Day Cream to your neck, throat, and chest area just below, working outwards also. The creams can be applied once or twice daily, following the same cleansing procedure between each application.
You will notice an improvement immediately in the softness and flexibility of your skin as the active ingredients in the Radien products start to replace collagen and repair skin breaks such as acne and scars, Radien products feel and smell amazing.

Why Use Radien?

Radien’s revolutionary breakthrough QXP™ visibly reverses the length and depth of wrinkles and other signs of aging. Skin texture, tone and clarity are improved, while it also helps prevent future damage and aging. Sesame protein is added as a skin-tightening agent that visibly smooths the skin and provides an excellent make-up base. Supple moisturizers plump and restore lost hydration, vitality, and glow.

Photo Proof

Checkout a few recent results from people using the various Radien products.

How I Cleared My Skin in 1 Week

This first guy is a friend of my sister. The first photo on the left was taken at a party, it shows the scabs caused by creams applied after skin cancer removal, then on the right, it shows his clear scalp after just one week of Radien Skin Repair cream applied daily.

My right arm

Here is a comparison photo of my arm which has very brittle skin because of my age and lifetime exposure to the Australian sun. The photo on the left shows my wrinkled arm before any skincare with a dog scratch after the scratch had been healing for 1 week. Then on the right is a shot of my arm 3 weeks later where you can see how much smoother my skin is. The scar has healed completely. And that was just with the Men’s cream applied once daily.

Radien Men;s Cream after 3 weeks
Here are two more before and after photos of a friend who has been using the Men’s product twice daily for 3 weeks. Notice the plumpness in his skin, his hollow cheeks now filled out and lines and wrinkles disappearing. He is continuing to use the cream so I can’t wait to see his results in another couple of months.

Scar Repair

Here are three photos of the Skin Repair cream being applied daily to a scar. This guy had a melanoma removed many months ago. See what happens one week after applying the cream.


Then see what has happened after only 2 weeks. The edges of the scar are blending into the surrounding skin and the central colour is changing.

Here is his latest photo comparison after 2 months, the scar is now the same colour as surrounding skin and is blending in with it.

This product works on any scars, old or new, especially stretch marks.

Now the Most Amazing Skincare Transformation

I can understand that maybe you are really surprised by some of these results, I know I was when I saw them being posted in our Facebook group.

Well here is one that was posted this week by a friend of mine who I have known for over 2 years. She got shingles 3 weeks ago and started applying the Skin Repair immediately. The photo on the left is one week later, the photo on the right is after only 2 more weeks. Such a stunning improvement!


And here is the product, Radien, not available in stores only available online.

Radien skincare products

You can order from THIS LINK. I am in Australia and get my product automatically delivered every month. It takes just over a week to get here from the US. I am a Brand Partner in Radien. You can be one too for just $19.95 a year.




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