But If No Sales Are Coming In ………..?

no sales

When sales aren’t coming in, something just needs to be tweaked.

Its all about testing, tweaking and coming up with a combination that’s working to solve the problem of no sales. But it’s also about finding a platform that’s right for you and your message.

If social media isn’t working, then try making videos, or use Matt’s articles and start blogging.

Step out of your comfort zone and do something different. The focus is not entirely about what you have to sell, but rather about building relationships and a reputation for trust. Its about connecting with your audience and establishing yourself as a respected industry leader. So that when you do send them an offer, they are already “warm”.

That’s why time proves eventual success. So provide value, information, inspiration, entertainment. Allow them to connect with you and then constantly feed your audience.

Many people use social media to “sell” but social media is really about building an audience with people that LIKE you and what you have to say. Its just a vehicle for your message.

Your ads should command attention and create curiosity to entice someone to click, but it also needs to be the right “targeted” audience, so you are getting the message to the person that it will resonate with.

The landing page should create intrigue and an urgent hunger that needs to be fulfilled so that the viewer must take action to get to the answer/solution. And of course, capture that lead and follow up.

No Sales – should I spend money on marketing?

I understand the dilemma, the idea that it “takes money to make money” so if you can’t move up a level or you don’t have cash flow and no sales at all, then how can you get anywhere. But the truth is, you can.

How determined are you? Because that’s all it takes. Matt designed this business with that person in mind.

You can qualify for the upper levels by passing up sales. Still make up to 50% on all front end products. You may not have cash flow for paid advertising, but you can always start somewhere.

Like your warm market, people you know, pass out business cards, hold live meetings, post on job and community boards, pass out flyers, set up meetings with business owners etc. You just need to get a little more creative, but it’s not impossible.

Matt’s Story of Perseverance

The $3 wifi millionaire ebook is proving to be a pretty easy sale. Remember, be vague. Only give them enough to create that curiosity. Send that offer around to those you know and see what happens.

It has a strong up sell to the 21 steps. Then take whatever commission you make and feed it back into advertising. And keep building and building and building on that. It will come in time and you will be the one looking back marveling at how far you have come and providing inspiration to those that might be struggling.

Just never give up and always be consistent and constant. If you know Matt’s story, he tried for a very long time, working more than full time, giving everything he had. He didn’t make a dime and had no sales for months. But he persevered. He just kept finding a new angle, took advantage of every training and kept at it until he did succeed, then he duplicated that successful method and kept building on it.

There is no such thing as a roadblock. There is always a way and sometimes it does take a little longer than we had hoped, but it will come. Success is up to you and your own efforts and cannot be determined by anyone else’s success or lack of success.

Where there is a will, there is a way. Its true 100% of the time.

(This was a comment by Matt Dyoll in reply to a frustrated newcomer to online business. It was made on a MOBE Facebook page where consultants can share and support one another)




PS Did you see my recent post about goal setting?

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