Taking a LONG Term View of Your Business

Do you know the one main reason people fail in online business?

Because rather than planning initially for the long term, they take a short-term view.
They get started, generate some leads, don’t make any sales and they walk away – maybe after just a few weeks. Why keep putting time, effort and money into something that’s clearly not working?

I’ll tell you why. Because you can’t know your true return until 6 months to a year later.
Let me explain. With the businesses I’m involved in, the following scenario is not uncommon.
You might promote a live event a month in advance and get some people to register. Then, when they go along to the event, they don’t buy anything.
You could conclude they’re not interested and your marketing campaign has failed, or you could take a different view. Those people clicked on your ad because they had an interest. If you keep in contact with those leads and keep that spark alive, maybe they’ll eventually buy something.
Maybe two months later they’ll buy something for $3,000, and four months later they’ll buy something for $7,000.
long term view - case studies
I hear stories like this all the time with the businesses I’m involved in…  These people have all benefited from having a long term view.
If you judged your campaign from the short-term results after just a few weeks, it would have looked like a failure. But if you take a long-term view, it can turn into an amazing success.
I tell you this for a reason. If you want to get involved with the same businesses I’m involved with, you need to be warned.

These businesses are NOT for short-term thinkers! It’s for those with the “long term view”.

If you’re going to judge your results after just a week or two, you’ll be disappointed. Customers take their time to make buying decisions – sometimes months.
But if you learn how to stay in touch with your customers over the long-term, it’s possible to make a very good living.
And what’s great about my main franchise business is that you don’t need to manufacture or source any of the products yourself. You just generate leads through online social media, keep in touch with them and refer them to the pre-built sales funnels.
So if you’re someone who takes the long term view, here’s how to get started.
Please accept my most successful lead generation gift – the #1 Doodle Video Software Easy Sketch PRO3. ESP3 normally retails for $67. Once you accept my gift, you will gain access to my Franchise site Easy Steps to Success where you can easily download the software and watch training on how to create your own amazing doodle videos in minutes.
My franchise will teach you everything else I just mentioned: generating leads with social media, how to follow them up and how to refer them to the pre-built sales funnels.
And when they buy, you can earn commissions of up to $7,000.
Sound good? Then click here to get your free copy of Easy Sketch PRO.
Talk to you soon,

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