The Top-Six Tips for Getting Email Conversions

If you are new to email marketing–or if you have a smaller list–or if you make less than $200,000 with your online business…

email conversion

Here are six-proven ways to increase your email conversions and get a huge advantage.

1. Ask them to Reply if interested

The biggest mistake most email marketers make is they don’t encourage people to reply back if they are interested. Let me explain…

When you send your email to a list of subscribers—whether you have 5,000 people or 100,000 people—you should be sending an email at least once a week.

Let’s say, for example, that in that email you say…

“Hey, if you’re interested in getting started, I will be working with the first 3 people to respond one-on-one. If you’d like to be one of them, reply back to this email and let me know why you think you would be a good fit.”

You send out that email, and within 24 hours you have 5 people who respond, and they say, “I think I’d be a good fit and here’s why.”

When they respond, you isolate them to the side and communicate with them more one-on-one and sell to them. That’s how you make money in email marketing.

The moment they do that, now you isolate those 5 people to the side and spend more time talking with them and selling to them. You keep on qualifying them, and then you sell to them.

You could make a lot of money doing this… I sent these exact kinds of emails to get myself to break through six-figures for the very first time.

2. Mix up your strategy by adding photos

The second thing I would do is try mixing it up. Put photos in your emails. People like to get pictures, especially photos where they can see they can see you.

This works great, especially if you are marketing some product that promises a better lifestyle or financial freedom. Show them pictures of you in those scenarios.

email conversions

Me on the way to Tangalooma Island in Moreton Bay, Brisbane Queensland

Let’s say you go on vacation and you’re at a beach, make sure you get lots of photos and put those in your emails. Because you want your audience to see you living a great lifestyle.

When they have a face to put with the name, it becomes a stronger connection than just a text name.

They will start seeing you live the life that they want, and therefore they think in the back of their minds this person knows how to get what I want. So, therefore, I’m going to listen to them and take action based on what they say.

Adding pictures in your emails can really make a better personal connection with your clients.

3. Keep them Curious with your Email Subject Line

If the subject line makes them curious, they will probably open your email.

The magic word for email subject lines: Curiosity.

Most people write very average subject lines, especially when they’re new…

Your subject line should NEVER sound like advertising or marketing—ever. A person’s personal email inbox is a private personal space. And people DO NOT want to see advertising messages in their email inbox.

And the very LAST email people will open will be the Internet marketing guru trying to sell something. You don’t ever want your subject line to sound like it’s promotional.

So when you send out a subject line that says, “Act now and save 50%,” that is a terrible subject line because immediately you tell them you want to sell them something. You should keep the subject lines personal—as if they are coming from a friend, colleague or a family member.

I think one of the best emails I’ve ever seen was when someone sent me an email with the subject line: ‘Call me at <insert phone number>’… This person actually put their cell phone number right there in the subject line, and sent it out to his entire list.

Now I’m well aware that most people wouldn’t their phone number to the entire list. But here’s the thing: If you’re new and you haven’t generated money yet, if you are willing to actually get on the phone and actually talk to your prospects, you are going to make so, so much more money than someone who is not.

When you put your phone number in your subject line, because 98% of your competition is NOT willing to do that. Suddenly you’re going to stand out head and shoulders above everyone else.

4. Facebook Groups

Another thing I like to do is ask people on my email list to join a Facebook group. And I think anyone who is doing email marketing should also create a Free Facebook group.

Go to, in the Menu create a “Group,” and give it a name. Then put the link to that Facebook group into your daily email and encourage people to come into your group. Tell them they will get things in the group that you don’t send share through your emails.

Position your Facebook group like it’s a private exclusive club. And make the settings private so you must approve everyone there. When they need your approval to join, it makes the group seem more exclusive.

After you accept their request, you can start talking to them through Facebook. And they can click on your profile, see photos of you and learn more about you. So again, it’s more of a personal connection and creates a stronger connection.

Facebook is different than email, because when people have hundreds of emails they just want to get through them as quickly as possible.

But when they get on Facebook, they want to see what everyone else is doing and look at different photos and videos. It’s a different mentality with a “social” connection.

I think it’s good to have both happening at the same time. Because even if  they don’t open your email, you might have a similar message on Facebook they see. So it’s like a second chance to get in front of them and get their attention.

5. Better segmentation

‘Segmentation’ means dividing your list into separate sections.

For example, now that your sending great emails and posts to your Facebook group, your list will be growing, and you can start testing different methods to get better response-rates…

Email segmentation: You could segment your emails in many different ways…

For example, let’s say you send out an email broadcast and you get a 10% open rate. That means 90% of people never opened your email or  even saw the message. So 36 hours later, you find all the people who didn’t open the email, and you save them as a group…

Then you email them separately the exact same email message, but this time you try a different subject line. It takes you very little time—maybe 10 minutes at most.

Let’s say out of that second round of emails, you get a 5% open rate. Half the open rate is still 5% extra, and you’re basically bumping up your response rate by 50% for doing something that took you 10 minutes. So you can segment a lot better.

Online Ad segmentation for more email conversions: You can also use segmentation with people who click your ads…

Let’s say you’re sending people to an application form. They fill it out because you offer them a chance to make more money, and they want to work with you.

You can take all the people who filled out the form then start sending them emails on the side separately and segment them that way.

Now I’ll admit I don’t this as well as I could or as well as I should—really because of the time factor—but its something I really want to work on in the future in my online business.

You can make so much money from a list if you’re willing to segment.

6. Give them many different options to contact you

This might sound like a very basic thing, but at the bottom of every single email you send out, and to get more email conversions, you should try putting in your photo and different other ways people can contact you.

It could be your phone number, it could be your Facebook profile, it could be LinkedIn—just connect with them like a real person. Give them multiple options to get a hold of you, and let them choose the best way to contact you.

Even simply adding ALL your contact details into every single email can really help build better relationships with your customers.

Some people don’t want to share their information because they think, “If I make it too easy for people to get to me, it lowers my positioning, because then suddenly my time is not at a premium.”

To those people I would say yes, there is some merit to that. But there are ways around it. If you have an assistant, you can easily put your assistant’s contact details there.

But I think allowing people to be able to reach out to you, especially if you’re making less than a million dollar per year, I think in most cases it’s going to make you a lot of money.

If you implement these techniques, I’m quite sure you will make more money in your business.


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