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we do all the selling
Hi, it’s Sue here,
Imagine if there was a system online were a team of experts did all the selling for you!
I’m sure you have dreamed of having that ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle where you can simply wake up at any time you wish, walk downstairs in your pyjamas and check the laptop to see how much money you have made whilst you’ve been sleeping.
Here is how this amazing system works…
Step 1
We Build You One Of Our Cash Sucking Money Pump Websites That Converts Cold Traffic Into $17 Buyers All Day Long.
Step 2
We Teach You Our Secret Traffic Methods That Enable You To Flood Your New Site With $17 Buyers.
Step 3
Once Your New $17 Buyers are Locked into Your Site This Is Were The Magic Happens Because Here Is What We Do To Enable Your BIG Cash Paydays…
– Direct Mail Through The Post – You Make up to $5,000 commissions…
This is HUGE and because we get their verified postal address from their PayPal receipt we instantly send out a physical copy of our high converting sales letter through the post.  To really try and make you understand
how big this is let me just show you this from a statistics website that I found on the Internet..
Direct Mail – 100% delivery, 56% of people believe that printed marketing is the most trustworthy form of communication,
66% of consumers keep their mail for over 2 weeks! Even in a digital world, direct mail gets 44% of recipients to go to your website.
 – The Telephone – You Make up to $5,000 commissions…
Because your new buyers pay via PayPal we have created some magic code that integrates with PayPal That Allows Us To Get Their Personal Phone Numbers.
– Skype – You Make up to $5,000 commissions…
We have a secret piece of software that enables us to find your new buyers on Skype, were we have a dedicated team of Skype experts who connect with them all day long.
– Webinars – You Make up to $5,000 commissions…
All your $17 buyers are automatically added to our weekly Thursday webinar.  This is a LIVE FREE training call were we teach your buyers all about the Ultimate Dot Com Selling Machine!
– Facebook, Twitter & Instagram – You Make up to $5,000 commissions…
We have a really cool piece of software that chases
your new buyers all over Social Media to get the sales for YOU.
– Text Messaging – You Make up to $5,000 commissions…
We have our own in house dedicated SMS Text Messaging team
who will follow up with your buyers directly to their cell phones!
– Email, You Make upto $5,000 commissions…
And of course we have the good old reliable email marketing
service that we use to get you those amazing sales on a daily basis.
The Ultimate Dot Com Selling Machine is only available via a FREE LIVE online training call…
See you there!
me at golf
~ Sue Tamani
Founder and CEO
Easy Steps to Success
P.S. If you have any questions at all just hit the reply button as I really am behind this email.

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