Your Google AdSense account has been fully activated




Don’t you love it when you search for crazy trying to find why something isn’t working, then find a short sentence hidden away in a page full of advice, and whammo! it works.

I have added two very important plugins to my blog in the past 3 days – Google XML Sitemaps and Google Adsense.

And I couldn’t get the Adsense ads to work! So I spent maybe an hour searching around 2 days ago, left it, then searched again yesterday. Found the sentence suggesting I needed to publish a post so Google would find it and my sitemap would become visible to the almighty Google.

Just woke up and there’s my email – “Your Google AdSense account has been fully activated”.

Checked my site (this one) and there they are, my lovely money making ads! Now all I have to do is redesign my site to make it more article and video friendly, maybe like Viralnova’s site, perhaps by changing the WordPress Theme.

Then I need to go searching for some really viral stories and videos to publish! Exciting stuff!

~Sue Tamani


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